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Haloooo! How's everyone? Hope you had a great weekend. Well, for me it didn't go that well. Lost my phone last friday during a bazaar but Im okay now. I'll let karma do its work and bless the people who took my phone and my sister's wallet -_- And for sure that great things will happen afterwards. Will try to retrieve my phone number and prolly get a new phone on January. I wanted to get a new phone already but told myself to get it next year. New year, New phone :) But still cant choose what phone to get. Haha! 

By the way, These photos were taken last August and I wasn't able to post it yet that's why I'm sharing it right now :) Sorry for the photos had no time to edit it fully and excuse some of them :) I still have some acne that time, on treatment to be specific. But my skin now is getting back to normal again. Yaaaay for that! Had the breakouts when I was in manila for a training. I guess I can't stand the heat there. Anyways, here it goes :* Hope you like it!

"Better to be the one who smiled than the one who didn't smile back" 

T-shirt dress: Anisha Ramnani
Bag: Fashion Cravings Official
Shoes: SM Dept Store
Watch: Tomato Time

There you go! This outfit is so perfect for a lazy day. You just glam it up with some accessories and you're ready to go :) I think my blogging schedule is really on track and I'm loving it :) Posting another blog soon. Next week maybe? :D Tschuss! :*

Credits to @dailegregorio for the photos

Much love,

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  1. Pretty lady! You always look flawless!


  2. missed your posts beautifly,
    love how you turn simple clothing items into fab ones.

    Ms. Kei

  3. Sorry for your lost in your phone ! but I hope you can get another one soon !! Totally love the whole outfit Ate !! Followed you cute blog !! hoping for your follow back !! :D