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Move over twenty something-ish influencers because some kids these days will show you how it is totally done in the fashion industry. In this period, alot of mothers dress up their children as if they're dressing up their barbie dolls a few years ago. Their reason? Because they know their babies can pull off these trendy clothes better than them. Further, the growth of young influencers are immensely shocking that's why more and more mom's are trying to have a friendly competition because brand PR's are already checking out these cutiepies for future collaborations.

On the other hand, Let me introduce you to my favourite 2 year old trendsetter "Cassiedy Summer". With 12.5k followers on instagram (@cassie.enchanted) I am pretty sure with that huge number of following she totally slays and sweep off other adult bloggers out there including me. In addition, I am going to be honest because her mommy is actually my bestfriend. Lol! But, there's a huge but, these photos down below will prove you that I am not biased. Because this kid right here is already ruling the ig world with her countless features and collabs around the world.

A 2 year old kid from Baguio City, Philippines who influences her generation through fashion. From leather boots, to gladiators, to leather jackets and button downs, to fishnet leggings and many more!!

Now, I wonder how many clothes and shoes does this kid have? Hmmm. I bet more than I do. Haha! Hope you'll have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to check this babygirl out on Instagram :) Til' my next blogpost! Tschuss*

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