Throwback Thursday*

Hate me for not blogging that much but even if I really want to, my body is so freakin tired from work all the time. Well, I hope in the next month I'll have more time to blog despite my work and all the reviewing thingy for my upcoming exam that I've been moving and moving for how many months already. huhu! I just can't focus on reviewing because my body can't cope up with the stress my work is giving me. huhu! Kill me noooow or noooot! :D 

Anywho, if you're gonna ask me why this blog is entitled "Throwback Thursday" it's just because these photos were taken months ago, when I still have long colored hair. Yup, I did cut my hair again! and I have no regrets because my hair was so dry and I can't undergo any treatment because my dermatologist will kill me. HAHA! Bottom line, can't fix and take care of my long hair anymore :DD And because it's still february, sharing to you a casual outfit that you can wear from day to night.

Bowler Hat: @polytolyowie//Top: Forever21//Jeans:K2

They said that ripped jeans are so last year, but as for me you can never go wrong with high waisted ripped jeans! Shoes are from Zalora - Chloe Edit

Photo Credits: @hanijer

Easy peasy look for casual days! :) Hope you guys like it and Belated Happy Valentines! Always remember, No hate just love :* Tschuss* Til' next time!

Much love,

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