Woohoo! First post of the year :) Really can't imagine that it's 2015 already, time flies so faaaassstt! Im turning 24 this year, urggh! Anyways, I hope this year will be filled with happiness, love, good health, wealth, good memories, more friends!   
Let's leave all the negativities behind and start the year right :) What happened, happened. You can no longer change that :) If someone left you, so be it. Not meant to be. If someone chose you then be thankful for that, appreciate it. Life is simple, we just complicate it. Im just glad that no one left me :) Overwhelmed that each day I get the chance to mingle and meet new people. Stay positive all the time!

Anyways, summer is fast approaching and I just want to share this outfit to you guys :) Gypsy/Boho kinda look! Hope you like it!

Deets • 
Sunflower Dress : Forever21
Bag : Mrs. Crooge on Ig
Necklace : Summer Soul Gypsy
Shoes: Girl's Haven

My blogpost wouldn't be complete with a paparazzi kinda shot. Hahaha! 

Now you can tell what's my fave pose. HAHAHA! Always on the right!

Missing my highlights and long hair tho :(

SummerSoulGypsy, oh i love you so much! Will surely post another entry about your shop soon! Wait for that! Thank you for sending this and the rest! Please do check their shop on ig, facebook and zalora :) They're on sale! Yaaay!

See! Always on the right! HAHA! :) Thanks again for having a bit of a time reading my posts. It means alot! Ill try to blog more this year :) That's my new year resolution. Haha! Positive outcomes only alrighty? Mwaaah :* Tschuss!

Credits to @itsmeeyna for taking the photos :)

Much love,

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  1. I miss you garl!! Let's collaborate again. It has been ages already.... :3

  2. You look so cute in that sunflower dress Roxy!