I know I haven't been blogging for the past few months and so as a comeback post, I've decided to shake things up a bit and add a little spice. A category wherein I can express my thoughts, life experiences and even give out some advice to those who can hardly come out in their nutshell. This has been a long overdue since I have been thinking about putting this up for so long but unfortunately, my laziness won.

"#RoxyTalks", However, will be posted once a week depending on my shady schedule and how fast my neurons will think and work with new ideas through out the week. I am certainly crossing my fingers now because me being me, might not be able to do it. *lol* Kidding aside, of course I am committed on doing this. Blogging is one of my favourite activities even though I did set it aside for a moment, I always come back to it. Furthermore, I guess my brain also needs an outlet for all the words and scenarios juggling inside it right now. Overthinking at its finest!

Anywho, Just to give you an idea about the posting, it will be very brief but substantial. I don't want you guys yawning while reading it that's why the first post will be uploaded next week. If I'm making you curious, I will see you guys here next week. Stay tuned!

Much love,

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