Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I really hate mondays*

Busy weekend, busy again for the next week -_- Apologies for not updating my blog frequently, as you all know I have a full time job to attend to every now and then. I do have off duties but I use it to go out with my family and friends :D hihi! But trying my best to blog atleast once a week, I hope you guys do understand. Moving on, I have an outfit to share with you guys. It's just a simple outfit that you can wear when you go out at night or maybe have a chill time with your friends. Hope you guys like it :*

Top : Snazzy.Chic.Boutique
Bandage Skirt : Landmark
Shoes : PrimadonnaPh

Cropped Top from Snazzy.Chic.Boutique (Link at the side bar) Thank you so much for sending me this top ! Super love it because it has this pineapple thingy whatso and I just really hate mondays! HAHAH :p

Just a short blog for everyone :) Posting one again tmr, for reals! Haha! And if i do have typos and wrong grammars, let it be. Too lazy and tired to give it a check. HAHA! Srsly, I always mention that in every blog post I publish. So for the haters out there, you might wanna check those previous blogs :p Or you can just kill yourself. HAHA! kiddin :p Love you all! Tschuss*

Photo Credits: RCAB :*

Much Love,

Monday, May 11, 2015

Oops by 304Clothing*

How's everyone? :) I hope you guys are having a wonderful day! Anywho, I want to rant about some issues but thinking to zip it a bit and do it on another post. HAHA! Alright, so let's proceed to the real thing here.

Last week, I received a package from the brand 304 Clothing. It's a UK based online shop that provides trendy clothes for both men and women. Honestly, I haven't heard of them even if I'm a 100% shopaholic and shops online all the time. Thanks to E-tailPR for introducing me to this brand because when I checked their site, I had this feeling that I can't explain (in a good way). It's like I am in a panic mode and I don't know which to check first. I really love their styles that I had a difficult time choosing what design to get. And if you think you can't get one because you're not from UK, well 304clothing ships internationally at a cheap price. So better check their site out because their clothes are selling like hot and freshly baked doughnuts.

Disclaimer: Sponsored post * Thank you 304clothing for my new shirt!
Check #304clothing for more designs

I'm in a size Small and I wore it like a T-shirt Dress :D Paired it with a fedora hat and a cute plain white sneakers. 

Oops Shirt from #304clothing 

Another blog post coming soon! Still thanking everyone who reads my blog and for the never ending support. If I have typos and wrong grammars, well so be it. Nobody's perfect and I dont just seat, I have work and my brain gets tired too. HAHA :p Til' the next post! Tschuss!

Photo Credits: RCAB * Thank you so much and Happy Birthday to you :* Love love!

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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sun Goes Down*

Halooo! While everyone's having a good time in bora or wherever because of the long weekend, I am here sitting on my chair listening to chill songs while looking at these photos down below. Well, the title pretty sums up everything! Lack of sunlight, and some of the photos are quite pixelated already. Huhu! But atleast, we captured good shots! Yaaaayyy! Thumbs up to my photographer :D Anywho, Happy May everyone :D Hope you're enjoying your summer even how hot it is :*

You can never go wrong with a black and white!

Paired my pineapple bikini top with this boho cover up from SM Dept Store and Shorts from one of my fave online shops Vanilla Breeze Clothing :*

Excuse my fats! HAHA! i gained weight but currently trying to get back in my old body shape :p HAHA! Still size 25 tho :p

Blogging more tmr :* I really did miss it! Got so many backlogs! Grr! Still, thanking everyone for checking my posts always :* Lalalalove you all! Tschuss! :*

Credits to RCAB for the photos * Edits by me :)

Much Love,

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Stay Classy*

Coffee at the left side, Phone at the right side, Music on while typing these words. It's just now that I get the chance to atleast sit a bit and blog about sum'n sum'n. I had a rough week, my duty was crazy that I need to get up early and go home late (most of the times). I try to open my laptop and unwind a bit but I ended up falling asleep. Can't imagine that Im such a busy person now and need to shrink everything so I can do it on time. Well, That's the flow of life. You just need to deal with it

Anywho, Here's an outfit post for you guys :) The No. 1 rule of a lady is to STAY CLASSY! Well, you don't need to wear an expensive clothing just to show that you're a classy girl. It isn't always about the clothing, It's about the personality or the attitude that you bring into the table. Because even how expensive the things you are wearing if you act like an uneducated bitch then you're nothing. I'll be an hypocrite if I tell you I never done that, I did but I never regret it. BUT I'll never do it again, instead I'll use it as a lesson. Always remember to be the good person even how badly they treat you, choose to be the better person as long as they don't insult your whole being :) Alright, Enough with the blahblahs :D 

Warning* Too much photos :D
If I have wrong grammars and whatso, Sorryyyy! HAHA! :D

Long Top : Cotton On
Clutch : Victoria's Secret
Necklace : Forever21
Shoes: Thriftshop

My all time favorite photo :D

Stolen shot! This is how I fix my hair :D HAHA!

Photo Credits to: RCAB 
Thank you so much for always capturing great photos of me. You're such a supportive friend :D Til' we meet again!

Hope you had a great holy week loves! Never forget to pray and Thank God for all the blessings you're receiving :) Tschuss*

Much Love,

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Floral and Tassels*

"You can never go wrong with blazers!" My mantra for blazers :) Even though Summer is fast approaching couldn't stop myself not to blog about this piece of clothing. It's just that it adds spice to your outfit, Layer by layer :) As for me I decided to pair it up with a plain top and a marsala shade of shorts, added some accessories and of course, never ever forget about the perfect shoes :) Your outfit should be from head to toe, always remember that! And be sure that you're comfortable wearing those outfits, that's all that matters!

Anywho, This blazer is one of my favorites and I think if you're looking for a perfect blazer just like this, you can find one at Zalora's Marketplace. Their are tons of blazers you can choose from there and that reminds me that I should also get another piece! Well, they're on sale I guess that's a good reason to check their out. HAHA!

Warning* Loaded photos :D

Blazer from Trinoma
Top from Online Shop
Shorts from Vanilla Breeze Clothing
Shoes from a ThriftStore
Necklace from Bubbles
Bowler Hat from Polytolywolie

I so love Black and White Photos! So classic :)

Credits to RCAB for the photos*

Hope you guys love the photos as much as I do :) And thank you for supporting and reading my blog every now and then! More blog posts soon! Tschuss*

Much Love,

Sunday, March 22, 2015

#SeizeTheSummer With Vaseline! Win A Trip To Bali for Two*

I really can't believe that Summer is fast approaching, All the layered clothes will be converted to shorts, sleeveless tops, maxi's, dresses and etc. But one thing's for sure, I am deeply afraid to get a sunburn. Thank God for the newest product of VaselinePH, the Water-based serum with SPF30 PA++ that will surely protect your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. 

What's even more exciting is that, Vaseline is having their #SeizeTheSummer Campaign and a blogger team and anyone who'll join the campaign can WIN a trip to Bali for Two! (ALL EXPENSES PAID) How great is that?! :D All you have to do is:

1. Post your perfect summer photo on Instagram and Twitter (ANYTHING related to summer)
2. Answer the question: “With @vaselineph water-based serum, how will you #SeizeTheSummer?” on your caption :)
3. Dont forget to put these hashtags on your caption #SeizeTheSummer, #TeamElyu, #Vaselineph and #Clozette for your entries to be counted.

Contest ends on March 25, 2015 :)

Credits to RCAB for the photos :)

Much Love,