Friday, January 30, 2015


This outfit post was supposed to be posted last Saturday but I was hospitalized because of my cough and colds -_- It was crazy! Been there til' wednesday. Thank God I'm finally home. Nothing serious so yeah, but the Dr. said i need to take a few more days to regain my strength before going back to work. I was a bit excited tho because been bugging my Doctors about it. Haha! Kept asking them if I can go to work already. But anyways, Im good that's all that matters now :D 

Oh im missing my long hair and my highlights :( They're gone now, Did cut my hair and told my hairstylist to cover my highlights already because my workplace doesn't want me to have one. Well, maybe in a few more months again. Haha! Too many backlogs but I promise to post more. Deets below :D Hope you likey my houndstooth coordinates :*

Houndstooth Coordinates: Anisha Ramnani
Cleated Platform Heels: Chloe Edit from Zalora
Necklace: Bubbles

Told myself to include candid shots on my blog posts. I was too happy huh? Haha! :D


You'll be able to witness my fave kind of poses. Haha! The right/left side pose without looking at the camera; the one's quite seductive type or naaah; the fixing my hair pose; the not looking at all pose and of course, my smiley smiling face. Haha! 

Now, im being hyper in this post. Uuuuuuhhh! It's just that I'm too happy that I cannot contain myself anymore. HAHA! Is this love? Am I smelling love in the air? Lol! I'll let the people wonder about it. I've been too open about my life recently, so this time I'll try to make things a bit private but not in a secret way :) If you get what I mean :D Hope you like the photos! Definitely going back to those murals soon! Loving it so mucho :) Thank you for the endless support! Watch out for the next post, will be giving away something :* Tschuss*

Much love,

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Woohoo! First post of the year :) Really can't imagine that it's 2015 already, time flies so faaaassstt! Im turning 24 this year, urggh! Anyways, I hope this year will be filled with happiness, love, good health, wealth, good memories, more friends!   
Let's leave all the negativities behind and start the year right :) What happened, happened. You can no longer change that :) If someone left you, so be it. Not meant to be. If someone chose you then be thankful for that, appreciate it. Life is simple, we just complicate it. Im just glad that no one left me :) Overwhelmed that each day I get the chance to mingle and meet new people. Stay positive all the time!

Anyways, summer is fast approaching and I just want to share this outfit to you guys :) Gypsy/Boho kinda look! Hope you like it!

Deets • 
Sunflower Dress : Forever21
Bag : Mrs. Crooge on Ig
Necklace : Summer Soul Gypsy
Shoes: Girl's Haven

My blogpost wouldn't be complete with a paparazzi kinda shot. Hahaha! 

Now you can tell what's my fave pose. HAHAHA! Always on the right!

Missing my highlights and long hair tho :(

SummerSoulGypsy, oh i love you so much! Will surely post another entry about your shop soon! Wait for that! Thank you for sending this and the rest! Please do check their shop on ig, facebook and zalora :) They're on sale! Yaaay!

See! Always on the right! HAHA! :) Thanks again for having a bit of a time reading my posts. It means alot! Ill try to blog more this year :) That's my new year resolution. Haha! Positive outcomes only alrighty? Mwaaah :* Tschuss!

Credits to @itsmeeyna for taking the photos :)

Much love,

Sunday, December 21, 2014

That Mural*

Apologies for being too busy :( Well, as always been busy with my duty and Christmas related events. I am indeed having some sorta kinda hang over while typing this. Hahaha! Went home around 3am yesterday -_- Slept the whole day but still sleepy, gosh! huhuhu! Dinner was my first meal, Oh help me! What's happening?! Haha! I hope everything will be back to normal tmr! :D 

And yeah, Just found out that I lost almost half of my Instagram followers because of spammy/fake accounts :) Well, I thank Ig team for doing that atleast no more fake ones :) Yaaay! :) I haven't posted a thing there too -_- I can't believe that I am so fuuuuhrrreeeaaaking bussssyyy all the time! *sigh* Anyways, another outfit photos for you loves :) Decided to match the skort Ms. Jen sent me with an all black ensemble, so that the skort will be the center piece. Especially these days, The trend is more into basic things. Well, i do love it but i wont leave my girly girl side that's why that floral skort is a perfect choice. Adding a disclaimer here right now, I am not a professional stylist/blogger or whatso. I just love to share my fashion style and my heart melts whenever people compliment me because of it :) Scroll down to see the details :*

I wanna laugh at this photo of mine just because I looked like I needed to go to the restroom but I still look fab right? HAHA! :*

Black Top: SM Dept Store
Chain Necklace: FashionSpiceManila
Skort: Sam's Station
Shoes: Thrifted
Watch: G-Shock
Other Accessories: Forever21

Smiling just because the mural totally fits me :) It is sooooo me!

A blog post will never be complete without a candid shot :D 

Hope you'll have a great Christmas week! Can't wait! It's my favorite season :) But still haven't bought some Christmas gifts. Huhuhu! Hope I can find time to buy some despite my busy sched :(( Thanks for the love and support! Love you loads everyone :* Hope you love the photos as much as I do :)) Credits to my friends @hanijer & @markmaramba for taking these photos! :)) Tschuss! :*

Much love,

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Hiyee! How's everyone doing? Thinking to post this tmr instead of today but since I have a bit of a time and I really did miss blogging, decided to post it tonight :D And btw, i guess I mentioned that I'll be sharing to you guys my fave online shops but I think it would be better if I'll just do that in another blog post :) So now, let me show you guys a not so common outfit just because I am not really into sneakers :) I only use one when I go to duty. Haha! But this time it's quite okay and I like it :) Getting out of the shell huh? Haha :) Here it goes, hope you like it! Deets below too :*

Pineapple Top • Perfect Fit Shop
Denim Shorts • Vanilla Breeze Clothing
Necklace • Fashion Spice Manila
Fringe Bag • Fashion Cravings Official
Other Accessories • Forever21
Shoes • Vans

I remember this photo! Hahaha! Kept asking my sister to take stolen photos of me while I try to walk graciously. Haha! Well, paparazzi shot! lol!

Back details :*

Closer photo of the VBC moto shorts :) Super love it! :* First ever shorts from vbc  and can't wait to buy more from them!

My super favorite fringe bag :) been using this like forevs! Haha!

I kinda like this shot :) Do you? :* haha! Candid!

You know what's funny? My eyes are falling while typing. Haha! Just got out of duty and blogging makes me relax a bit :) I think that explains it! Haha! I hope so :D I apologize if i have typos/ not so good grammars or whatso, my brain is tired. Haha! Anyways, more blog posts soon :* Watch out! Tschuss :* 

Photo Credits to @itsmeeyna

Much love,

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Laid Back*

Happy December! :) This post should be posted last November 30 but I wasn't able to do it because of my busy sched. Yes, you read that right! :) I am too busy now  that I was able to control myself from online shopping and posting photos on instagram everyday! Well, if you're my friend and you know me well, those are the things I can't live without right now. Hahaha! But since I am so busy with work, I guess I can live without them already. Lol! Am i making sense right now? Haha!

Too much things happened for the past few days. If only I can post them here, I would. But I just decided not to because of personal reasons :) Living a private life is better! Issues will be less, stress will be gone (hopefully) and You dont have to post everything :D Let the people investigate. Hahaha! Anyways, Sharing to you guys a lazy outfit but definitely a fab one! :** Deets down below :)

Note: Photos are quite blurry :( If only there's an app how to fix it I will surely buy that. Too bad can't find one :( Do you know any?

I can't think of any outfit other than this to match the neckpiece ssg sent me. I wanted to show how beautiful it is that's why I chose this outfit. Just matched it with a boho shorts :) Super perfect for a lazy day :) 

Navy Cami top from Forever21
Boho silk shorts from Bayo
Necklace from SummerSoulGypsy
Bag from Supersale Bazaar (Aykadumonde)

Yaaaay! I love this necklace from Summer Soul Gypsy :) Ms. Christine (owner of the said brand) was kind enough to send me not just 1 or 2 handcrafted pieces but 4 pieces from their shop :) Sponsored post will be posted after this blogpost about their brand :) You can reach them through Zalora, Facebook, Website and Instagram :) 

So there you go! :) Hope you like it :) Will post more this December :) Too many backlogs and I hate that. That would be my New Year's resolution next year. Hahahah! Thanks for the unending support! Tschuss! :*

Much love,

Friday, November 21, 2014

Polka Dots*

Hiiiiyyeee! I've decided that I should post something on my blog every week despite my very busy schedule. Working in a dialysis center is quite difficult especially when we talk about time. We usually start our duty 6 in the morning and ends who knows when. Yes, it's like that :) As long as there are patients, even if it's already 10 in the evening we can't still go home. Well, we are only 4 nurses in that department and only 3 nurses go on duty everyday. No matter how difficult it may seem, I still love it there :) Anyways, My passion for fashion didn't change a bit :) Taking outfit photos and sharing my personal style will forever be there. That's why I'm gonna share with you what I wore when I went out with my friends and when we decided to take more photos because of the murals we saw on the streets :)

Denim Top from Mint
Polkadot drawstring pants from Sam's Station
Cleated Platform Heels from ZaloraPH
Watch from G-shock

*Loving the pants Sam's Station sent me :) It's super comfy! I can use this all day. Haha :)) Check their page for more incredible items! See the link at the left side :*

*In every black and white photo, there's a story behind it*

Believe it or not the first 5 above photos are raw. I didn't edit it. That's why I had a hard time choosing what photo to post here on my blog. If only I can post all the photos, I will but I don't want to make this post any longer than my usual posts. Haha! :) And btw, I updated my lookbook account so if ever you do have an account there don't forget to hype the photo down below and follow me :)) :* Tschuss! :))

P.S Shout out to the special someone who lend me his lens for this shoot :* Thanks for always supporting my love for fashion :)) and credits to my friends @hanijer & @markmaramba on instagram for taking the photos :) 

Much love,