Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Missed Blogging*

Hi Everyone! I can't believe I'm blogging again :) OMG! I missed this alooooot, you have no idea! As you can see I changed my blog name again and url for the nth time but this would be the last time because my addiction to pineapples will be foreveeerrr. HAHA! My new blog will cater everything but mostly fashion related ones :) Some will just a bit of my life, family, friends, lovelife and some articles I wrote and will be writing. Anyways, Here's an outfit post for you guys :))

Specs: Forever21
Denim Jacket: Bossini Jeans
Necklace: ForMe
Bag: A-B-K-D from SM Dept. Store
Cropped Top: Anisha Ramnani's Wholesale Clothing
Yellow Pants: Gift from Mom
Brogues: GIBI

Covered the cropped top with a denim jacket for it not to be that showy plus added a bit of an accessory. To add some color, paired it with a yellow pants and folded the bottom part to make it more casual :) You can pair brogues with everything! Pants, skirts, shorts and whatsoever! And to make it a school kind of outfit, took my backpack and specs then you're ready to go.

Credits to my sister @itsmeeyna for being my photographer:)

Hope you liked it :) More outfit posts soon! :) And to everyone who reads this blog thank you so much for the support and for your time especially to this one person i really love :D I know he stalks all of my social media accounts that's why I'm giving him a shoutout. Lol! Haha! :) Loveyou all! :* Tschuss! :)

Much love,