Friday, November 21, 2014

Polka Dots*

Hiiiiyyeee! I've decided that I should post something on my blog every week despite my very busy schedule. Working in a dialysis center is quite difficult especially when we talk about time. We usually start our duty 6 in the morning and ends who knows when. Yes, it's like that :) As long as there are patients, even if it's already 10 in the evening we can't still go home. Well, we are only 4 nurses in that department and only 3 nurses go on duty everyday. No matter how difficult it may seem, I still love it there :) Anyways, My passion for fashion didn't change a bit :) Taking outfit photos and sharing my personal style will forever be there. That's why I'm gonna share with you what I wore when I went out with my friends and when we decided to take more photos because of the murals we saw on the streets :)

Denim Top from Mint
Polkadot drawstring pants from Sam's Station
Cleated Platform Heels from ZaloraPH
Watch from G-shock

*Loving the pants Sam's Station sent me :) It's super comfy! I can use this all day. Haha :)) Check their page for more incredible items! See the link at the left side :*

*In every black and white photo, there's a story behind it*

Believe it or not the first 5 above photos are raw. I didn't edit it. That's why I had a hard time choosing what photo to post here on my blog. If only I can post all the photos, I will but I don't want to make this post any longer than my usual posts. Haha! :) And btw, I updated my lookbook account so if ever you do have an account there don't forget to hype the photo down below and follow me :)) :* Tschuss! :))

P.S Shout out to the special someone who lend me his lens for this shoot :* Thanks for always supporting my love for fashion :)) and credits to my friends @hanijer & @markmaramba on instagram for taking the photos :) 

Much love,

Sunday, November 9, 2014

NY loving*

Haloooo! How's everyone? Hope you had a great weekend. Well, for me it didn't go that well. Lost my phone last friday during a bazaar but Im okay now. I'll let karma do its work and bless the people who took my phone and my sister's wallet -_- And for sure that great things will happen afterwards. Will try to retrieve my phone number and prolly get a new phone on January. I wanted to get a new phone already but told myself to get it next year. New year, New phone :) But still cant choose what phone to get. Haha! 

By the way, These photos were taken last August and I wasn't able to post it yet that's why I'm sharing it right now :) Sorry for the photos had no time to edit it fully and excuse some of them :) I still have some acne that time, on treatment to be specific. But my skin now is getting back to normal again. Yaaaay for that! Had the breakouts when I was in manila for a training. I guess I can't stand the heat there. Anyways, here it goes :* Hope you like it!

"Better to be the one who smiled than the one who didn't smile back" 

T-shirt dress: Anisha Ramnani
Bag: Fashion Cravings Official
Shoes: SM Dept Store
Watch: Tomato Time

There you go! This outfit is so perfect for a lazy day. You just glam it up with some accessories and you're ready to go :) I think my blogging schedule is really on track and I'm loving it :) Posting another blog soon. Next week maybe? :D Tschuss! :*

Credits to @dailegregorio for the photos

Much love,

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Black Vibe*

Yaaaay! Omg I cant believe it, time flies so fast its already november :)) I can't wait for Christmas, My fave season eveeerrr! I can already feel the Christmas vibe :D hehe! Anyways, How was your halloween? Hope it went well! :)) My friends and I were planning for a halloween costume party but sadly it didn't go through, Maybe next year :D Hope you'll like the outfit post Im gonna share for you guys :) I dont know what got into my mind that I prepared a black and white outfit but I kinda love it :) Perfect for some halloween party :D hehe! Here it goes :DDD

Bowler Hat: Polywotie
Leatherette Caged Bralette Top: Anisha Ramnani
Leatherette Skater Skirt: Anisha Ramnani
Sling Bag: Fashion Cravings Official
Platform Shoes: Thriftshop

First 3-layered necklace: EdgeCo
Stone pendant necklace: Fashion Spice Manila

Thank you so much for reading my blog :) It means alot! Hope you like the pictures and the outfit :)
Credits to my friend @hanijer for taking these photos :)
Gotta go now :) Will blog more soon :)) Love love! Tschuss! :*

Much love,

Monday, October 27, 2014

Lace Skirt*

Yaaay! Atlast another blog post :) I am really trying to post as much as possible but lately things went crazy. Had events to attend, errands to do for my parents plus duty :) Haha! But mostly, i wander with my friends. Haha! Kiddin! Anyways, I am currently sick right now :( I think I had too much partying last weekend. Haha! I'll be posting pics soon so wait for it mkay? Sharing to you guys an ootd I wore when I went out with my friends minus the shoes because people will definitely stare at you here in the province when you wear something like this on a daily basis :) Haha! But nonetheless, i love this whole look :D

Cropped Top: GTW by SM
Lace Skirt: Forever21
Shoes: Thriftshop

Paired the printed top with a plain skirt since the top is already vibrant :)

That "bungisngis" face :D Haha!

Braided Necklace from FashionSpiceManila
Gold Plate Customized Necklace from EdgeCo

Credits to my friend @hanijer for taking these pictures

Hope you guys had a fun weekend like I did :)) Thanks for the never ending support and for reading and visiting my blog always. Haven't blogged for a week or 2 but the stats are still high :D Thank yoooouuu! :D Tschuss! :*

Much love,

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Missed Blogging*

Hi Everyone! I can't believe I'm blogging again :) OMG! I missed this alooooot, you have no idea! As you can see I changed my blog name again and url for the nth time but this would be the last time because my addiction to pineapples will be foreveeerrr. HAHA! My new blog will cater everything but mostly fashion related ones :) Some will just a bit of my life, family, friends, lovelife and some articles I wrote and will be writing. Anyways, Here's an outfit post for you guys :))

Specs: Forever21
Denim Jacket: Bossini Jeans
Necklace: ForMe
Bag: A-B-K-D from SM Dept. Store
Cropped Top: Anisha Ramnani's Wholesale Clothing
Yellow Pants: Gift from Mom
Brogues: GIBI

Covered the cropped top with a denim jacket for it not to be that showy plus added a bit of an accessory. To add some color, paired it with a yellow pants and folded the bottom part to make it more casual :) You can pair brogues with everything! Pants, skirts, shorts and whatsoever! And to make it a school kind of outfit, took my backpack and specs then you're ready to go.

Credits to my sister @itsmeeyna for being my photographer:)

Hope you liked it :) More outfit posts soon! :) And to everyone who reads this blog thank you so much for the support and for your time especially to this one person i really love :D I know he stalks all of my social media accounts that's why I'm giving him a shoutout. Lol! Haha! :) Loveyou all! :* Tschuss! :)

Much love,