Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Hiyee! How's everyone doing? Thinking to post this tmr instead of today but since I have a bit of a time and I really did miss blogging, decided to post it tonight :D And btw, i guess I mentioned that I'll be sharing to you guys my fave online shops but I think it would be better if I'll just do that in another blog post :) So now, let me show you guys a not so common outfit just because I am not really into sneakers :) I only use one when I go to duty. Haha! But this time it's quite okay and I like it :) Getting out of the shell huh? Haha :) Here it goes, hope you like it! Deets below too :*

Pineapple Top • Perfect Fit Shop
Denim Shorts • Vanilla Breeze Clothing
Necklace • Fashion Spice Manila
Fringe Bag • Fashion Cravings Official
Other Accessories • Forever21
Shoes • Vans

I remember this photo! Hahaha! Kept asking my sister to take stolen photos of me while I try to walk graciously. Haha! Well, paparazzi shot! lol!

Back details :*

Closer photo of the VBC moto shorts :) Super love it! :* First ever shorts from vbc  and can't wait to buy more from them!

My super favorite fringe bag :) been using this like forevs! Haha!

I kinda like this shot :) Do you? :* haha! Candid!

You know what's funny? My eyes are falling while typing. Haha! Just got out of duty and blogging makes me relax a bit :) I think that explains it! Haha! I hope so :D I apologize if i have typos/ not so good grammars or whatso, my brain is tired. Haha! Anyways, more blog posts soon :* Watch out! Tschuss :* 

Photo Credits to @itsmeeyna

Much love,

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Laid Back*

Happy December! :) This post should be posted last November 30 but I wasn't able to do it because of my busy sched. Yes, you read that right! :) I am too busy now  that I was able to control myself from online shopping and posting photos on instagram everyday! Well, if you're my friend and you know me well, those are the things I can't live without right now. Hahaha! But since I am so busy with work, I guess I can live without them already. Lol! Am i making sense right now? Haha!

Too much things happened for the past few days. If only I can post them here, I would. But I just decided not to because of personal reasons :) Living a private life is better! Issues will be less, stress will be gone (hopefully) and You dont have to post everything :D Let the people investigate. Hahaha! Anyways, Sharing to you guys a lazy outfit but definitely a fab one! :** Deets down below :)

Note: Photos are quite blurry :( If only there's an app how to fix it I will surely buy that. Too bad can't find one :( Do you know any?

I can't think of any outfit other than this to match the neckpiece ssg sent me. I wanted to show how beautiful it is that's why I chose this outfit. Just matched it with a boho shorts :) Super perfect for a lazy day :) 

Navy Cami top from Forever21
Boho silk shorts from Bayo
Necklace from SummerSoulGypsy
Bag from Supersale Bazaar (Aykadumonde)

Yaaaay! I love this necklace from Summer Soul Gypsy :) Ms. Christine (owner of the said brand) was kind enough to send me not just 1 or 2 handcrafted pieces but 4 pieces from their shop :) Sponsored post will be posted after this blogpost about their brand :) You can reach them through Zalora, Facebook, Website and Instagram :) 

So there you go! :) Hope you like it :) Will post more this December :) Too many backlogs and I hate that. That would be my New Year's resolution next year. Hahahah! Thanks for the unending support! Tschuss! :*

Much love,

Friday, November 21, 2014

Polka Dots*

Hiiiiyyeee! I've decided that I should post something on my blog every week despite my very busy schedule. Working in a dialysis center is quite difficult especially when we talk about time. We usually start our duty 6 in the morning and ends who knows when. Yes, it's like that :) As long as there are patients, even if it's already 10 in the evening we can't still go home. Well, we are only 4 nurses in that department and only 3 nurses go on duty everyday. No matter how difficult it may seem, I still love it there :) Anyways, My passion for fashion didn't change a bit :) Taking outfit photos and sharing my personal style will forever be there. That's why I'm gonna share with you what I wore when I went out with my friends and when we decided to take more photos because of the murals we saw on the streets :)

Denim Top from Mint
Polkadot drawstring pants from Sam's Station
Cleated Platform Heels from ZaloraPH
Watch from G-shock

*Loving the pants Sam's Station sent me :) It's super comfy! I can use this all day. Haha :)) Check their page for more incredible items! See the link at the left side :*

*In every black and white photo, there's a story behind it*

Believe it or not the first 5 above photos are raw. I didn't edit it. That's why I had a hard time choosing what photo to post here on my blog. If only I can post all the photos, I will but I don't want to make this post any longer than my usual posts. Haha! :) And btw, I updated my lookbook account so if ever you do have an account there don't forget to hype the photo down below and follow me :)) :* Tschuss! :))

P.S Shout out to the special someone who lend me his lens for this shoot :* Thanks for always supporting my love for fashion :)) and credits to my friends @hanijer & @markmaramba on instagram for taking the photos :) 

Much love,

Sunday, November 9, 2014

NY loving*

Haloooo! How's everyone? Hope you had a great weekend. Well, for me it didn't go that well. Lost my phone last friday during a bazaar but Im okay now. I'll let karma do its work and bless the people who took my phone and my sister's wallet -_- And for sure that great things will happen afterwards. Will try to retrieve my phone number and prolly get a new phone on January. I wanted to get a new phone already but told myself to get it next year. New year, New phone :) But still cant choose what phone to get. Haha! 

By the way, These photos were taken last August and I wasn't able to post it yet that's why I'm sharing it right now :) Sorry for the photos had no time to edit it fully and excuse some of them :) I still have some acne that time, on treatment to be specific. But my skin now is getting back to normal again. Yaaaay for that! Had the breakouts when I was in manila for a training. I guess I can't stand the heat there. Anyways, here it goes :* Hope you like it!

"Better to be the one who smiled than the one who didn't smile back" 

T-shirt dress: Anisha Ramnani
Bag: Fashion Cravings Official
Shoes: SM Dept Store
Watch: Tomato Time

There you go! This outfit is so perfect for a lazy day. You just glam it up with some accessories and you're ready to go :) I think my blogging schedule is really on track and I'm loving it :) Posting another blog soon. Next week maybe? :D Tschuss! :*

Credits to @dailegregorio for the photos

Much love,

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Black Vibe*

Yaaaay! Omg I cant believe it, time flies so fast its already november :)) I can't wait for Christmas, My fave season eveeerrr! I can already feel the Christmas vibe :D hehe! Anyways, How was your halloween? Hope it went well! :)) My friends and I were planning for a halloween costume party but sadly it didn't go through, Maybe next year :D Hope you'll like the outfit post Im gonna share for you guys :) I dont know what got into my mind that I prepared a black and white outfit but I kinda love it :) Perfect for some halloween party :D hehe! Here it goes :DDD

Bowler Hat: Polywotie
Leatherette Caged Bralette Top: Anisha Ramnani
Leatherette Skater Skirt: Anisha Ramnani
Sling Bag: Fashion Cravings Official
Platform Shoes: Thriftshop

First 3-layered necklace: EdgeCo
Stone pendant necklace: Fashion Spice Manila

Thank you so much for reading my blog :) It means alot! Hope you like the pictures and the outfit :)
Credits to my friend @hanijer for taking these photos :)
Gotta go now :) Will blog more soon :)) Love love! Tschuss! :*

Much love,

Monday, October 27, 2014

Lace Skirt*

Yaaay! Atlast another blog post :) I am really trying to post as much as possible but lately things went crazy. Had events to attend, errands to do for my parents plus duty :) Haha! But mostly, i wander with my friends. Haha! Kiddin! Anyways, I am currently sick right now :( I think I had too much partying last weekend. Haha! I'll be posting pics soon so wait for it mkay? Sharing to you guys an ootd I wore when I went out with my friends minus the shoes because people will definitely stare at you here in the province when you wear something like this on a daily basis :) Haha! But nonetheless, i love this whole look :D

Cropped Top: GTW by SM
Lace Skirt: Forever21
Shoes: Thriftshop

Paired the printed top with a plain skirt since the top is already vibrant :)

That "bungisngis" face :D Haha!

Braided Necklace from FashionSpiceManila
Gold Plate Customized Necklace from EdgeCo

Credits to my friend @hanijer for taking these pictures

Hope you guys had a fun weekend like I did :)) Thanks for the never ending support and for reading and visiting my blog always. Haven't blogged for a week or 2 but the stats are still high :D Thank yoooouuu! :D Tschuss! :*

Much love,