Lace Skirt*

Yaaay! Atlast another blog post :) I am really trying to post as much as possible but lately things went crazy. Had events to attend, errands to do for my parents plus duty :) Haha! But mostly, i wander with my friends. Haha! Kiddin! Anyways, I am currently sick right now :( I think I had too much partying last weekend. Haha! I'll be posting pics soon so wait for it mkay? Sharing to you guys an ootd I wore when I went out with my friends minus the shoes because people will definitely stare at you here in the province when you wear something like this on a daily basis :) Haha! But nonetheless, i love this whole look :D

Cropped Top: GTW by SM
Lace Skirt: Forever21
Shoes: Thriftshop

Paired the printed top with a plain skirt since the top is already vibrant :)

That "bungisngis" face :D Haha!

Braided Necklace from FashionSpiceManila
Gold Plate Customized Necklace from EdgeCo

Credits to my friend @hanijer for taking these pictures

Hope you guys had a fun weekend like I did :)) Thanks for the never ending support and for reading and visiting my blog always. Haven't blogged for a week or 2 but the stats are still high :D Thank yoooouuu! :D Tschuss! :*

Much love,

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  1. Such a cute lace skirt ^^

    恵美より ♥

  2. Hi Roxy! I like the color and design of your cropped top! =)