That Mural*

Apologies for being too busy :( Well, as always been busy with my duty and Christmas related events. I am indeed having some sorta kinda hang over while typing this. Hahaha! Went home around 3am yesterday -_- Slept the whole day but still sleepy, gosh! huhuhu! Dinner was my first meal, Oh help me! What's happening?! Haha! I hope everything will be back to normal tmr! :D 

And yeah, Just found out that I lost almost half of my Instagram followers because of spammy/fake accounts :) Well, I thank Ig team for doing that atleast no more fake ones :) Yaaay! :) I haven't posted a thing there too -_- I can't believe that I am so fuuuuhrrreeeaaaking bussssyyy all the time! *sigh* Anyways, another outfit photos for you loves :) Decided to match the skort Ms. Jen sent me with an all black ensemble, so that the skort will be the center piece. Especially these days, The trend is more into basic things. Well, i do love it but i wont leave my girly girl side that's why that floral skort is a perfect choice. Adding a disclaimer here right now, I am not a professional stylist/blogger or whatso. I just love to share my fashion style and my heart melts whenever people compliment me because of it :) Scroll down to see the details :*

I wanna laugh at this photo of mine just because I looked like I needed to go to the restroom but I still look fab right? HAHA! :*

Black Top: SM Dept Store
Chain Necklace: FashionSpiceManila
Skort: Sam's Station
Shoes: Thrifted
Watch: G-Shock
Other Accessories: Forever21

Smiling just because the mural totally fits me :) It is sooooo me!

A blog post will never be complete without a candid shot :D 

Hope you'll have a great Christmas week! Can't wait! It's my favorite season :) But still haven't bought some Christmas gifts. Huhuhu! Hope I can find time to buy some despite my busy sched :(( Thanks for the love and support! Love you loads everyone :* Hope you love the photos as much as I do :)) Credits to my friends @hanijer & @markmaramba for taking these photos! :)) Tschuss! :*

Much love,

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  1. You are so stunning! Xx your shoes are to die for :D love the name of your blog too, it caught my eye xoxo happy new year my lovely x Check out my new blog post! I'm in need of some followers, thank you! X