January 2017*

It's been literally months since I last posted something here on my blog and believe it or not, I've missed it so much. I honestly checked/viewed my blog before I decided to write a new blog post since I can not even remember how it looks like :( There are a lot of things happened to me for the past few months and those experiences molded me to become who I am today. I learned to let go of toxic people who chose to be in that kind of status and began to appreciate those who've been there for me since then. I also learned to love myself even more, to fully remember that God has stored something better for me and I deserve nothing but the best.

In this year, there's only one thing that I want and I'm hoping and praying that I'll be able to get that. Challenges might arise in my way, I am ready for it and I'll never give up. I hope my optimism hits you :) for you to keep in mind that EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON. We might not know the reason behind it but eventually we will. So don't give up on your dreams, keep believing. Because you are the only one who can manage to help yourself within. *Just give up on the persons who don't see your worth. HAHA*

I seriously don't know where this blogpost will go and if I am making sense or not but I think you guys get what I mean. That's all that matters right? HAHA! I don't want to be serious in all my posts because it feels like it is not me if I'll do that. I hope you had a blast for the past year and welcomed the new year with open arms and happiness. I promise that this year, I'll try to write at least once or twice a week and will definitely tag you along with my upcoming adventures. Thank you again for all your support despite me being an irresponsible blogger :* Tschuss! See you on my next blog post :*

Much love,

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