Bye Basic*

Well, Hello there ! It's already february and valentine's day is coming up :) What are your plans? Tee-hee! I guess, mine's quite fully booked already. Haha! Im gonna fit all my loved ones on that day. Duty then dinner with family then after with friends and guess who :p HAHA! Anyways, I don't have much to write in this post just because my mind is a bit tired of duty. Im now officially a workaholic girl! Clap Clap or maybe not? Lol! Anyways, Basic clothes, things, posts are so in right now but my top is quite not into it :D I wonder why but I'm still loving it tho. Whatevs! I think I'm not making any sense right now. I promise to post a more sensible blog post next time! I apologize for this :) HAHA!

Pairing up a basic top with a printed item is the best combination ever! Just to add some spice and not too plain :)

Top: @jukaykayatbp
Shorts: Local Store in China
Shoes: SM Dept. Store
Heart Sunnies: Forever21 from "guess who" Lol!
Watch: Gschock

Anyways, Thanks @jukaykayatbp for sending me goodies from your shop and for our giveaway. Yes, we do have a giveaway so if you're reading this and you want to have one of those black and white ringer tees do check my instagram account @itsjustroxy :) Love the quality of the items jukaykay sent me :) Lovelove!

Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend! Blogging more soon :* Hope you'll have a great Valentine's day :) Spread love, not hate! Tschuss!*

Much love,

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