Lips & Pineapples*

Atlast! I had a chance to type these words while sitting on my bed with the lights off :D Anywho, How's everyone? I hope you started the love month right :) Well as for me, it turned out pretty well. I might not have someone with me as a lover atleast I do have my family and friends who supports me all the way. Maybe in time I'll have when everything's in good terms, right guy at the right time :) It's pretty difficult to force something to happen, even if we're too inlove with each other if timing is a bitch you can't deal with it -_- That's what God planned, just accept it and look at the brighter side :) Besides im not rushing things, still young so ill enjoy every moment i have left as a single person but definitely in good terms with my past ;) 

Sharing to you an outfit post that i hope you'll love as much as im loving it. Disclaimer • Flooding you a bit ;)

The photo, the mural, those eyes and lips, the outfit, pineapples, cleated shoes, popping of colors and etc! Aaahhh! This is so me, all together in one photo.

Heart sunnies • F21 ; Shorts • Vanillaskyonlineshop ; Shoes • Chloe Edit from Zalora ; Bag from Escada • Necklace from bubbles

Too bad it's blurry :( sigh! But peace, alright? :)

Fave shot so far! Love love!
Glasses from F21 from RCAB :*

My post will never be complete without any black and white photo especially with this outfit :)

Thank you so much for supporting and reading my blog posts :) You dont have any idea how you make me happy :) Tschuss! Love you all :*

Credits to • @hanijer / @markmaramba for the photos

Much love,

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  1. really fab as always.

    Hi dear,
    I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award.
    in your free time please do check it out.

    Ms. Kei

  2. Fab outfit! The shorts really stand out! ;)
    Visit my blog. x