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Aside from blogging and working non-stop, I love searching for new songs. I always update my playlist whenever I have time. I don't have any genre, as long as they keep me awake and it makes me dance and lipsync while driving I'll definitely download it. HAHA! I'm a bit selfish when it comes to songs, I know I don't own them but you know the feeling when you put so much hard work into it and someone will just take it away from you that easily? Well, that feeling! That's why I'm like that at times. HAHA! I remember someone who took my phone without my consent and took a picture of my playlist. I hated him for that! Well, for just a minute tho. HAHA!

And also, Add these 2 songs :) They're also on point! Alan Walker- Faded and Florrie - Real Love

A little disclaimer: Some of the songs included above aren't full version of the songs and some aren't new. You can search and download them on youtube if you want. I'm just sharing my playlist, If you don't like it then I still thank you for the time :D Tschuss*

Much Love,

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