Casual in Summer*

Typing these words using my phone just because my laptop isn't cooperating :( But other than that, hey guys! I'm kinda back to blogging :) I know I always tell you that but I am really trying my best to blog more often despite that I have a really busy schedule. Work and study! I also want to thank you guys for the never ending support, my blog statistics isn't that bad after being hiatus for a month or so. Either way, Here's something I want to share with you guys. Just a lazy day casual look that you can totally rock this summer.

Dress from @pinkboudoir_
Strappy Sandals from @tutumshop

Inlove with this shot :)

Inlove with black and white photos :*

Super love this photo especially when it's black and white! :)
Credits to • RCAB

I'll post more soon dont worry and by tmr, i'll be updating you guys with my fave songs right now! :) Thank you so much again for your time! Hope you like it! :) Tschuss*

Much love,

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