Small Boobs with Big Dreams*

This might be the funniest and wittiest blog title I have so far but I love it. I chose that title to warn you that I am aware that I am not a size D and I don't care about that because I might have small ones but I genuinely love them and that does not define who I am. I don't know where this is coming from but I think it is a little bit TMI but that's that. HAHA! I am currently working on my goals, they were just dreams that I thought it won't come true but they are slowly getting real. I experienced failures along the way but I don't regret anything because if it wasn't because of those, I won't be  here.

Anywho, without further adieu here's a transition of a summer look to a rainy season look. 

Bowler Hat: @polytolyowie//Sunglasses: Sunnies Studio// Denim Jacket: Sam's Station
Bikini Top: Random Online Shop// Leather Skirt: Anisha Ramnani// Shoes: Van's (Randy's)

You can turn this summer look into rainy day look by changing the bikini top into something that can cover up your skin :)

Photo Credits: RCAB

Thank you so much for having some time to read my blog posts, It means alot and I appreciate it. Trying my best to update this blog once in a while. Bear with me since I am working on my goals :D Tschuss*

Much love,

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  1. Famous models have small boobs, so no need to be ashamed. It's how we carry it, that counts. I love your outfit by the way you're so sexy.