Hiyee! How's everyone doing? Thinking to post this tmr instead of today but since I have a bit of a time and I really did miss blogging, decided to post it tonight :D And btw, i guess I mentioned that I'll be sharing to you guys my fave online shops but I think it would be better if I'll just do that in another blog post :) So now, let me show you guys a not so common outfit just because I am not really into sneakers :) I only use one when I go to duty. Haha! But this time it's quite okay and I like it :) Getting out of the shell huh? Haha :) Here it goes, hope you like it! Deets below too :*

Pineapple Top • Perfect Fit Shop
Denim Shorts • Vanilla Breeze Clothing
Necklace • Fashion Spice Manila
Fringe Bag • Fashion Cravings Official
Other Accessories • Forever21
Shoes • Vans

I remember this photo! Hahaha! Kept asking my sister to take stolen photos of me while I try to walk graciously. Haha! Well, paparazzi shot! lol!

Back details :*

Closer photo of the VBC moto shorts :) Super love it! :* First ever shorts from vbc  and can't wait to buy more from them!

My super favorite fringe bag :) been using this like forevs! Haha!

I kinda like this shot :) Do you? :* haha! Candid!

You know what's funny? My eyes are falling while typing. Haha! Just got out of duty and blogging makes me relax a bit :) I think that explains it! Haha! I hope so :D I apologize if i have typos/ not so good grammars or whatso, my brain is tired. Haha! Anyways, more blog posts soon :* Watch out! Tschuss :* 

Photo Credits to @itsmeeyna

Much love,

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  1. your outfits are so colorful!
    i love it!