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Happy December! :) This post should be posted last November 30 but I wasn't able to do it because of my busy sched. Yes, you read that right! :) I am too busy now  that I was able to control myself from online shopping and posting photos on instagram everyday! Well, if you're my friend and you know me well, those are the things I can't live without right now. Hahaha! But since I am so busy with work, I guess I can live without them already. Lol! Am i making sense right now? Haha!

Too much things happened for the past few days. If only I can post them here, I would. But I just decided not to because of personal reasons :) Living a private life is better! Issues will be less, stress will be gone (hopefully) and You dont have to post everything :D Let the people investigate. Hahaha! Anyways, Sharing to you guys a lazy outfit but definitely a fab one! :** Deets down below :)

Note: Photos are quite blurry :( If only there's an app how to fix it I will surely buy that. Too bad can't find one :( Do you know any?

I can't think of any outfit other than this to match the neckpiece ssg sent me. I wanted to show how beautiful it is that's why I chose this outfit. Just matched it with a boho shorts :) Super perfect for a lazy day :) 

Navy Cami top from Forever21
Boho silk shorts from Bayo
Necklace from SummerSoulGypsy
Bag from Supersale Bazaar (Aykadumonde)

Yaaaay! I love this necklace from Summer Soul Gypsy :) Ms. Christine (owner of the said brand) was kind enough to send me not just 1 or 2 handcrafted pieces but 4 pieces from their shop :) Sponsored post will be posted after this blogpost about their brand :) You can reach them through Zalora, Facebook, Website and Instagram :) 

So there you go! :) Hope you like it :) Will post more this December :) Too many backlogs and I hate that. That would be my New Year's resolution next year. Hahahah! Thanks for the unending support! Tschuss! :*

Much love,

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  1. Lavett!! :)

  2. Such a cute outfit. || AUS Fashion/Lifestyle
    p.s I am giving away a £30 ASOS gift voucher on my blog.