Floral and Tassels*

"You can never go wrong with blazers!" My mantra for blazers :) Even though Summer is fast approaching couldn't stop myself not to blog about this piece of clothing. It's just that it adds spice to your outfit, Layer by layer :) As for me I decided to pair it up with a plain top and a marsala shade of shorts, added some accessories and of course, never ever forget about the perfect shoes :) Your outfit should be from head to toe, always remember that! And be sure that you're comfortable wearing those outfits, that's all that matters!

Anywho, This blazer is one of my favorites and I think if you're looking for a perfect blazer just like this, you can find one at Zalora's Marketplace. Their are tons of blazers you can choose from there and that reminds me that I should also get another piece! Well, they're on sale I guess that's a good reason to check their out. HAHA!

Warning* Loaded photos :D

Blazer from Trinoma
Top from Online Shop
Shorts from Vanilla Breeze Clothing
Shoes from a ThriftStore
Necklace from Bubbles
Bowler Hat from Polytolywolie

I so love Black and White Photos! So classic :)

Credits to RCAB for the photos*

Hope you guys love the photos as much as I do :) And thank you for supporting and reading my blog every now and then! More blog posts soon! Tschuss*

Much Love,

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