Stay Classy*

Coffee at the left side, Phone at the right side, Music on while typing these words. It's just now that I get the chance to atleast sit a bit and blog about sum'n sum'n. I had a rough week, my duty was crazy that I need to get up early and go home late (most of the times). I try to open my laptop and unwind a bit but I ended up falling asleep. Can't imagine that Im such a busy person now and need to shrink everything so I can do it on time. Well, That's the flow of life. You just need to deal with it

Anywho, Here's an outfit post for you guys :) The No. 1 rule of a lady is to STAY CLASSY! Well, you don't need to wear an expensive clothing just to show that you're a classy girl. It isn't always about the clothing, It's about the personality or the attitude that you bring into the table. Because even how expensive the things you are wearing if you act like an uneducated bitch then you're nothing. I'll be an hypocrite if I tell you I never done that, I did but I never regret it. BUT I'll never do it again, instead I'll use it as a lesson. Always remember to be the good person even how badly they treat you, choose to be the better person as long as they don't insult your whole being :) Alright, Enough with the blahblahs :D 

Warning* Too much photos :D
If I have wrong grammars and whatso, Sorryyyy! HAHA! :D

Long Top : Cotton On
Clutch : Victoria's Secret
Necklace : Forever21
Shoes: Thriftshop

My all time favorite photo :D

Stolen shot! This is how I fix my hair :D HAHA!

Photo Credits to: RCAB 
Thank you so much for always capturing great photos of me. You're such a supportive friend :D Til' we meet again!

Hope you had a great holy week loves! Never forget to pray and Thank God for all the blessings you're receiving :) Tschuss*

Much Love,

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  1. awww. love your post, babe! Bigla akong nasa blog mo! Stalking. kidding! :)) I shall quote you for this "Always remember to be the good person even how badly they treat you, choose to be the better person." Couldn't agree more. :*