Oops by 304Clothing*

How's everyone? :) I hope you guys are having a wonderful day! Anywho, I want to rant about some issues but thinking to zip it a bit and do it on another post. HAHA! Alright, so let's proceed to the real thing here.

Last week, I received a package from the brand 304 Clothing. It's a UK based online shop that provides trendy clothes for both men and women. Honestly, I haven't heard of them even if I'm a 100% shopaholic and shops online all the time. Thanks to E-tailPR for introducing me to this brand because when I checked their site, I had this feeling that I can't explain (in a good way). It's like I am in a panic mode and I don't know which to check first. I really love their styles that I had a difficult time choosing what design to get. And if you think you can't get one because you're not from UK, well 304clothing ships internationally at a cheap price. So better check their site out because their clothes are selling like hot and freshly baked doughnuts.

Disclaimer: Sponsored post * Thank you 304clothing for my new shirt!
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I'm in a size Small and I wore it like a T-shirt Dress :D Paired it with a fedora hat and a cute plain white sneakers. 

Oops Shirt from #304clothing 

Another blog post coming soon! Still thanking everyone who reads my blog and for the never ending support. If I have typos and wrong grammars, well so be it. Nobody's perfect and I dont just seat, I have work and my brain gets tired too. HAHA :p Til' the next post! Tschuss!

Photo Credits: RCAB * Thank you so much and Happy Birthday to you :* Love love!

Much Love,

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  1. your outfit is so simple but really nice. that tshirt rocks!


  2. you look perfect babe! :) Don't mind your haters.
    I know you're aware and you can see your typos but you"re not correxting them becauyse yuo know they'te not that dumv to not get whay yuo mean to say. haha! Cheer up!

    Sana ako din meron hater. huhuhu :(
    lakas maka artista kasi. wahahaha

    April of: https://beybiapril.wordpress.com