I really hate mondays*

Busy weekend, busy again for the next week -_- Apologies for not updating my blog frequently, as you all know I have a full time job to attend to every now and then. I do have off duties but I use it to go out with my family and friends :D hihi! But trying my best to blog atleast once a week, I hope you guys do understand. Moving on, I have an outfit to share with you guys. It's just a simple outfit that you can wear when you go out at night or maybe have a chill time with your friends. Hope you guys like it :*

Top : Snazzy.Chic.Boutique
Bandage Skirt : Landmark
Shoes : PrimadonnaPh

Cropped Top from Snazzy.Chic.Boutique (Link at the side bar) Thank you so much for sending me this top ! Super love it because it has this pineapple thingy whatso and I just really hate mondays! HAHAH :p

Just a short blog for everyone :) Posting one again tmr, for reals! Haha! And if i do have typos and wrong grammars, let it be. Too lazy and tired to give it a check. HAHA! Srsly, I always mention that in every blog post I publish. So for the haters out there, you might wanna check those previous blogs :p Or you can just kill yourself. HAHA! kiddin :p Love you all! Tschuss*

Photo Credits: RCAB :*

Much Love,

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  1. I love the outfit girl! :D