Few more weeks til the end of June and I haven't posted anything yet. Huhu! Too many backlogs :( But I'll try to work things out this time, for reals :D HAHA! Been really busy with work and stressing myself into irrelevant things instead of focusing on the brighter side. That's why I'm breaking out again! Grrrr! Well, told myself that I should stop doing that and be more optimistic this time. Positive thinking = positive results! :)) Im having a little boho vibe now and I wanna make this style my permanent one but still thinking about it because being versatile is also a good thing :D 

Hat: H&M // Heart Sunnies: Georgina Sasha // Layered Necklace: Pretty Little Blings
Top, Kimono & Ripped Jeans: Anisha Ramnani //  Boots: Thrifted

Closer Details

*Credits to RCAB for taking these photos

 Thinking of getting my own domain this year but I lack time to design my own page, I might just get one when everything's a bit stable. Thank you again for visiting my blog once in a while :) The stats are pretty impressive even if I don't post that much. It's so overwhelming! Yaay! Tschuss*

Much love,

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  1. gurll.. thinking of redeesigning my page tooo. but im not that techy. hahaha

  2. looks good on you dear.
    very effortless.

    Ms. Kei