Hiyeeee! Feeling a bit gypsy with this outfit especially when one of the pieces I am wearing is from the brand called Summer Soul Gypsy :D Yaaaas! I stole their name as my blog title. HAHA! The brand/shop sent me tons of accessories to style months ago but I wasn't able to post them. These photos were taken last February and It's already June now, and I already have a shorter hair. HAHA! So sorry for the backlogs, I am trying my best to catch up :) 

Anywho, I am a bit fat when we took these photos, I can spot my huge tummy or maybe I was just full that time. HAHAHA! :D But whatevs, your body is not a disadvantage if you like dressing up :) If you're curvy then you're lucky, If you're too skinny and you have a not so flat tummy like I do then who the ef cares right? As long as you dress up properly and you're comfy and happy with it then flaunt the hell out of it :D Be who you are :* 

I paired my lace top with this maxi skirt with a slit and added a braided belt to make it look more boho kinda look plus added some accessories and that fringe bag :D

Top : Thrifted // Maxi Skirt: Vanilla Breeze Clothing // Fringe Bag: Fashion Cravings Manila
Necklace: Summer Soul Gypsy // Sandals: Girlshaven // Belt: JellyBean

Photo Credits: RCAB

Hope you guys like it :D Thanks again for reading my blog :) No Hate, Just Love :* If you hate me, no worries the feeling is mutual. HAHA! kiddin! :) Tschuss*

Much Love,

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  1. You don't look fat and the outfit is rocking :)

  2. You're friggin' sexy girl! Own it! haha Cool outfit :)

    Miss Eleigh Neux | Bloglovin