When you don't feel like dressing up, a minimal black and white clothing will definitely be your  perfect outfit. Just add some accessories and put on a cute shoes to make you stand out a bit :D Nowadays, the "minimalistic" kind of clothes are on trend! Even when you stalk some famous bloggers, they tend to go with the minimalistic feed. (If that's really the right term) Maybe because it can make you look classy and neat. Just be careful on white clothes, they can attract dirt all the time. HAHA!

Top and Pants: Local Store // Shoes: GirlsHaven // Accessories: Forever21

Fave photo from this shoot :D

Hope you'll have a great week :) Blogging more soon :* Tschuss! Loveyou all and
Thanks again for the support! And btw, wanna get to know me more? Watch the video down below :D No hate, just love okay? Hate me? then stop stalking me! HAHA!

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