Few weeks ago, I received an email about this new app that'll be launching before the year ends. Quite hesitant to respond because it might be a scam or something. I had a meeting with these people and got a chance to meet some of my IG friends. It was surreal because it's my first time attending a work/soft launch meeting and it was indeed a great experience. 

Chiqchat is a desktop/mobile app wherein you can use it to share your passion for fashion, site wherein you can trade and sell your preloved clothes, page wherein you can simply share your outfit ideas and whatever you have in your closet. It's your virtual closet in short :) All you need to do is sign up, make your own virtual closet, follow some friends, join cliques where you can ask some help if you need fashion advices and lastly, you definitely need to share this to your friends.

Want to know what I want for Christmas? Check my closet love :D hihi!

Thank you for the warm welcome Chiqchat family and for the endless chikkahan blogger friends :) Our 5-6 hours travel time was worth it :D hehe! Til' next time! And don't forget to sign up at :) See you there! Tschuss*

Much love,

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